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TweetSwell is a full fledged Poll application that is ideal for brands. You get to create customized polls complete with appropriate branding.

It is quite easy to create polls (of course, you would take a little time to using it to its full potential). TweetSwell is a powerful poll product and I wish to see it adding more features and making itself more comprehensive over time.

With TweetSwell you can have different types of responses to your polls. What makes TweetSwell different is the fact that your friends and followers need to tweet the poll. This acts as a double advantage as you get your polls answered as well as be able to spread the word about your brand through tweets.

TweetSwell is currently in private beta which means you need invite code to be able to access it. We have 25 invite codes for our users. Just ask for it either here on the comments or on twitter by sending an @reply to @twi5 or just about any way you wish!

You can see an example poll I have created for –

Invite Code

Please ask for the TweetSwell invite code. Only 25 invite codes available so better hurry up.


  • Create branded twitter polls
  • Ideal for spreading word about brands and products
  • Completely free branded twitter polls
  • Users participate in the poll by tweeting their answers

TweetSwell Says

TweetSwell adds branded, Twitter-based polls to the quiver of Twitter tools available to companies and organizations.

TweetSwell goes beyond traditional online polls and accepts responses in the form of personalized tweets. Responses to a TweetSwell-powered poll are public actions that become part of the Twitter stream. TweetSwell takes care of extracting poll results and analytics; companies and organizations can focus on the conversation with their followers.



  • @tweetswell – Founder of TweetSwell – branded polls on Twitter.
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