TweetShrink – shrink your tweet

TweetShrink is one of the best available tweet shrinking scripts around!

There are a lot of tweet shrinking scripts out there that try to squeeze in what you write in 140 characters or less, but nothing comes close to TweetShrink.

TweetShrink also provides an API for programmers. So if you are a twitter apps creator and have an app which allows users to update their twitter status, try integrating TweetShrink into it.

A Bookmarklet is available which you can drag to your browser toolbar and the next time you are on the twitter web interface struggling to squeeze in those last few words into your tweet, try clicking on the bookmarklet.

TweetDeck, one of the most popular Adobe AIR based twitter app uses the TweetShrink API to shrink tweets.


  • Shrink your twitter tweets
  • API available for developers
  • Bookmarklet can be used while on the twitter web interface


TweetShrink Says

Tweetshrink tries its very best to fit your text within the harsh constraints of a tweet by replacing common phrases and words with shorter representations. Kind of like running your new text through the dryer or sending it to fat camp.



  • @tweetshrink – i shrnk yr twts. i ws mde by
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