TweetSH – twitter for the geeks!

TweetShell is truly a twitter app meant for the geeks. Does the words ‘wall’, ‘man’ and ‘ssh’ ring a bell? If yes then TweetSH is for you!

TweetShell is a developers take on how it would be to use twitter in a linux like scenario. You can do absolutely everything that you would with any other twitter app. Update your status, view your timeline, send @replies and much more.

The application makes use of twitter oAuth for authentication (just type ssh -i oauth). Use the wall command to update your timeline. The app even allows you to retweet!


  • Twitter app for the geeks
  • Linux like commands for twitter
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


TweetShell Says

You know, in linux they say everything is a file. In TweetShell everything is a tweet!!



  • @moski_doski – Jordanian Geek … Luv Rails , Linux , Robotics
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