TweetsByCity – find active twitter users in your area

TweetsByCity is a twitter app that allows you to easily find new active Twitter users from your geographic area based on where Twitter determines they last tweeted from.

TweetsByCity also actively tracks the incoming tweets from that specific area to determine the current local trends, allowing you to
better understand what is happening in your neighborhood.

For example, you can view the local tweets and Trends from Orlando by viewing

Each city page auto refreshes after 60 seconds to show new tweets from the city of your choice and integrates automatically with Google Maps to show the location being tracked.


  • Find active twitter users near you
  • Actively track incoming tweets and trends in your city
  • Auto refreshes every 60 seconds


TweetsByCity Says

TweetsByCity is an online service that sorts and organizes tweets for every US city. It is made up of individual pages that auto-track real-time Twitter activity for individual cities, listing Tweets from and about that area.



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