Tweets in air – now view tweets on water vapors!

Tweets in Air isn’t your regular twitter application. It’s a cool way to display all the tweet generated on twitter.

Recently, a company by the name of Sety showcased a custom made twitter wall device to local Bucharest event PRForum.

All #prforum tweets were projected in plain air (instead of a wall). The device works by extracting air humidity and projecting it on top, as a thin layer. Next, a custom tuned projector displays tweets on this water vapors layer. The effect you achieve is that of the tweets floating in the air!


  • An experimental project based on Twitter
  • Tweets were displayed on water vapor

Tweets in Air Says

A super cool machine that makes the “twitter wall” concept way much cool and fun. Think about the tweets being projected in plain air, instead of being projected on a wall ! The project was showcased on the 23rd of March 2010, during the PrForum event, a local Bucharest PR conference, as a live example for unusual Twitter usage.



  • @setyro – providing the-best-in-town Java development services
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14 thoughts on “Tweets in air – now view tweets on water vapors!

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  13. indoor water wall

    Tweets in air or viewing tweets in water vapor? Unbelievable!

    It’s very amazing. It’s so incredible. I’ve never seen such beauty like that. You must be very creative. I love it.

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