TweetRSVP – ask and respond to queries on twitter

TweetRSVP is a search engine which searches twitter for questions asked by users as well as for tweets that contain offers and other freebies that you would be interested in.

The search criteria employed by this app is really smart and I liked the relevance of the tweets that I could lay my eyes on! You can enter your own search terms and tweets matching your entered keywords would be displayed.

You can register at TweetRSVP to receive email notifications containing tweets matching the keywords entered by you.

Update: TweetRSVP now uses semantic search technology.


  • Ask questions, find freebies etc.
  • Searches twitter to retrieve tweets containing questions, offers and more
  • Receive email notifications consisting of tweets matching your keywords


TweetRSVP Says

TweetRSVP is an automated search engine that pulls tweets with questions and requests for information and tweets that are offering something. If you want to share your expertise, promote your website or products or are looking to make more twitter friends, then reply to the tweets that we have labeled as questions.

If you are interested in a job, new products or coupons, then review the tweets that we have labeled as offers. TweetRSVP then makes it easy for you to reply (RSVP means please respond) directly through or through a twitter client.


  • TweetRSVP – Ask and respond to queries on twitter


  • @tweetrsvp – gathers tweets that are requests for information or offers. Visitors can reply or RSVP to a tweet directly from the site.
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