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Can you tweet 2800 characters on Twitter? No no, I am not asking this question, it’s the awesome web based Twitter app TweetQR, which is not only asking you, but also providing the same service. Yes, with TweetQR, you can share 2800 characters long tweets in QR code.

Well, there have been many times when I faced the problem of expressing my thoughts in 140 characters. There are many services that allow you to go beyond the limit of 140 characters, but following the trend of crowd can’t make you attractive. I want to shine in the crowd and this is what, TweetQR lets me to do.

No sign up, no download is required. Just authorize the app with your Twitter account and enter the tweet up to 2800 characters. Your tweet will get converted into a QR code and the pic will get uploaded on the TwitPic itself. All this process is automatic and you just need to click the ‘Tweet’ button. This will first convert your tweet into QR code, will upload its picture on TwitPic, will create a link to that pic and then finally will post in on your timeline. And yes important thing is that, all the process get completed in the matter of micro seconds.

Stand out of 0the crowd and shock your friends by sending them your tweet behind the QR code and yes, 2800 characters tweet.

Don’t think too much. Give this app, a try now.


  • Post tweets of 2800 characters
  • Share your tweets in QR code
  • Automatically create a link to your QR code pic and get it posted on your timeline
  • Completely free to use
TweerQR Says
Tweetqr enables twitter users to send status updates of upto 2,800 characters. A QR code image is also attached to your tweet, where other users can scan on their mobile phones and read your message. See a sample tweetqr status update on the left.
Web Says
TweetQR– Can you tweet 2,800 characters?
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