TweetPromote – better manage your twitter friends and followers

TweetPromote is a feature rich twitter application built to help you manage your twitter friends and followers.

You need to login using twitter oAuth to get started. Once logged in, you can start by creating tags. Tags help you search twitter users who are of interest to you. Say, you were to be interested in people who tweet about twitter apps. You need to create a tag named ‘twitter apps’ and you would be displayed twitter users matching the tag.

TweetPromote allows you to bulk follow all twitter users who match your interests. You can also follow back all your new followers. There are filters which help you filter out users based on various criteria such as Follows Back, Follows More, New to Twitter, Follows Less, Power User etc.

P.S. Don’t forget to analyze your twitter account.


  • Better manage your twitter friends and followers
  • Add tags, find and follow interesting twitter users
  • Filter users on a variety of criteria such as Follows More, Follows Less etc.


TweetPromote Says

Tweet Promote is a fast and powerful way of finding targeted friends and followers on Twitter.

No automation, no robots, no spam, just quick and simple exploration of the Twitter accounts that matter to you.

Search and keyword match from millions of Twitter accounts.

Follow or unfollow hundreds of Twitter accounts in just a few seconds.

Managing your friends and followers has never been so easy, or so productive!


  • TweetPromote – Fast and powerful exploration of twitter users


  • @tweetpromote – No robots, no automation, just fast, simple exploration of targeted twitter accounts.

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