TweetPrivate – Make twitter your personal directory

Tweetprivate allows to you store  anything personal which can’t be shared in public or with your friends.

Users share everything about themselves on sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. But there are things you might want to write and have it somewhere but not make it visible to everyone. Like that update which would say you made your first internet sale worth $100, you shared your first kiss with your girlfriend etc.

This is where TweetPrivate comes in handy as it respects your privacy. It Stores your message securely instead of tweeting it to twitter.TweetPrivate eliminates this by acting as an interface between tweets and your messages born out of your frustration,excitement etc.

The tweets are sent as direct messages to @tpvt (TweetPrivate) once you authorize @tpvt to follow you once logged in. And also you can send these messages from any twitter client .


  • Store updates as strictly private messages
  • No need to worry about tweeting your heart out
  • All tweets stored securely for you

TweetPrivate Says

TweetPrivate allows you to store your personal messages, rants, likes, dislikes, personal pictures, your current location and much more.



  • @tpvt – Make Twitter your Personal Diary!!
  • @Ramanean – Working as a IT analyst and also as a Freelancer
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