– a smarter way to update FaceBook from twitter is a FaceBook application that helps you update your FaceBook status with twitter updates. Now there are a lot of apps that do just that (including one of our favourites SelectiveTwitter) but has a slew of new features that help you have only the right twitter updates sent to FaceBook.

To start with, as a basic feature you can post tweets as FaceBook updates. Links that you share on twitter can be sent to your FaceBook Wall so that any videos, pics etc. contained in the links can be displayed to your FaceBook friends.

The app can completely ignore @replies and @mentions would be changed to real names! You can also have only those tweets that you specify be posted to twitter (this is what SelectiveTwitter does).

Links that you post on FaceBook can be tracked with


  • Post tweets as Facebook Status Updates
  • Post links you tweet on your Facebook Wall (so your friends can watch videos and see pictures right in their News Feed)
  • Ignore @replies
  • Change @mentions to real names
  • Only post the tweets you specify to Facebook
  • Track links posted to Facebook with Says is designed for those of us who want to use Twitter as our primary status update tool without spamming all of our Facebook friends with tweets that don’t make any sense to them.


  • – A smarter way to update Facebook from Twitter


  • @tweet_post – A smarter way to update Facebook from Twitter
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