Tweetportal – a directory of popular tweets

Tweetportal is a directory consisting of tweets which gain popularity among twitter users.

You can view tweets related to world news, find breaking news, music tweets, tweets about television shows etc. It’s basically a place for you to find the top twitter content. This site can help you stay updated on whats happening around you in topics that you like.


  • Find the top tweets from twitterers
  • Tweets in various categories such as world, music, television etc.
  • A directory of popular tweets


Tweetportal Says

Think of us as an online-only newspaper comprised of news from microblogs, or as a directory of popular “Twitterers,” or as a very cool social media gateway, or as a tweet directory, or as a Twitter aggregator, or as the next phase of news gathering and news presentation, or as a social media pr (public relations) tool, or as a step in the evolution of journalism in this new wireless age, or just as one of your daily must-visit websites that provides you with updated news and information and something to talk about.



    @tweetportal – A cool Twitter directory with popular tweeters organized into logical categories! Please tweet about us–we’re new!
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