TweetOBox – native twitter client for Windows

TweetOBox is a native twitter client developed for windows users. It has all the standard twitter features that you would expect from a Twitter client.

An interesting aspect of TweetOBox is that anyone can develop plugins on top of it.  You can search twitter and filter over your tweets. The app is pretty fast compared to other clients. I really liked the speed with which it loads user info if you click on a username to view their profile.


  • Native twitter client for Windows
  • Supports all standard twitter features expected in a twitter client
  • Is really fast in retrieving new updates, displaying user profile information etc

TweetOBox Says

A new windows based Twitter client that redefines your Twitter experience


  • TweetOBox – A windows based Twitter Client


  • @tweetobox – TweetOBox is a Windows based Twitter client designed in WPF.
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4 thoughts on “TweetOBox – native twitter client for Windows

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  2. Adrian O'Connor

    I’ve just posted an early beta version of a Windows Twitter client called TweetMonkey. It’s at It’s not fully as featured as others, but it has a slick Windows 7-esque glass interface and it’s very streamlined for the job of reading and writing tweets.

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