TweetMixx – Mixx meets Twitter

TweetMixx is brought to you by Mixx. You can call this a twitter extension to Mixx.

You get to view links that interest you. Save keywords and you would be presented with tweets that match. But that’s not all. Snippets from the site being linked in the tweets would be displayed as well, making it easier for you to find interesting content.

Interesting tweets can be easily retweeted. You can view extended details about a link on Mixx by clicking the ‘display on mixx’ button.


  • Mixx meets Twitter
  • View interesting tweets
  • Easily retweet what you like


TweetMixx Says

Tweetmixx is a Twitter service brought to you by Tweetmixx cuts through the clutter of Twitter by bringing content front and center as well as allowing you to focus on topics that interest YOU.



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