TweetMiner – helps you tweet better

TweetMiner is available as a web as well as desktop application.

You can add multiple twitter accounts. TweetMiner helps you browse through various feeds and tweet the best ones to your Twitter followers. You can schedule tweets for future dates.

All the basic twitter functions such as tweeting, @Replies, Direct Messages etc are supported. You get a couple of retweet options that help you retweet instantly as well as edit a tweet before retweeting it. You can flag items you browse under RSS feed thus helping you to keep track of interesting feeds.

TweetMiner also has a great rolling tweet feature. Instead of personally scheduling each and every tweet, you can tell TweetMiner when you want tweets to fire and how often and it takes the next tweet off the rolling tweet stack and sends it. Many tools schedule tweets, but this is the only tool that has a rolling schedule of tweets along with RSS feeds.

Apart from the free app, there are a couple of paid versions that let you do much more.


  • Browse RSS and tweet interesting links
  • Supports multiple twitter accounts
  • oAuth enabled
  • Schedule interesting tweets


TweetMiner Says

Bring the best content to your followers
Schedule todays tweets in 10 minutes
Be the SIGNAL not the NOISE


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