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TweetGuru – Send bulk direct messages to your Twitter Followers

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TweetGuru helps you send bulk direct messages on Twitter to your followers.

The site uses twitter oAuth for authentication. Once signed in, you can specify the twitter usernames of all your friends you want to send direct messages to.

Currently, the site allows a maximum of 12 users to send direct messages in bulk at a time. But you can contact the developer in case you need to send bulk messages to more number of users.


  • Send bulk direct messages on Twitter
  • Uses Twitter oAuth for authentication


TweetGuru Says

Send Twitter Direct Message to multiple twitter users.



  • @xguru – 엉뚱한 개발자/트위터 매쉬업 컨설턴트/아이폰 개발자/초보요리사/쇼핑광,#self_intro 개발자,트윗봇15개 운영중, 더 알아보려면 http://j.mp/xguru
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I created twi5.com as a way to document all the twitter apps that are being created. I'm the founder of a popular twitter app http://www.justunfollow.com I'm a twitter addict and I love trying out new twitter applications. I write small, stupid twitter rhymes once a while. Follow me on twitter @NischalShetty. You can follow @twi5 for updates on new twitter apps.

11 Responses to “TweetGuru – Send bulk direct messages to your Twitter Followers”

  1. I’m sure hoping this works, Tweeting takes up more time than actually writing my column!!! Thanks. L

  2. @Linda I hope it does :)

  3. Twitter Comment

    RT @dovhoffman: @FaithInFashion I don’t think you can tweet a particular list, but try using TweetGuru [link to post] This might suit

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  4. Twitter Comment

    @FaithInFashion I don’t think you can tweet a particular list, but try using TweetGuru [link to post] This might suit your needs Dena!

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  5. Thanks for sharing i was looking for this tool

  6. Hi

    Is there a way to send DM to thousands? We will have over 20000 twitter followers by new years and would like to find a way to keep in touch with them on twitter…

  7. Thank you for sharing. I’m actually finding ways on how to do that and thank God I’ve found your blog. Guaranteed I’m going to try out what I’ve learned here. Thanks.

  8. Please let me know when you find a good way of sending bulk DMs – I’ll happily pay for the service.

  9. Is there any tool which allows send DM to more than 20.000 followers ?

  10. Hello is there any tool which allows send DM to more than 20.000 – 50.000 followers on twitter ?

  11. Is there a way to send to all your twitter followers at once? I have about 3000.

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