Tweetery- Simplify Your Tweet Sream

Having an iPhone in your pocket and searching for Twitter apps in iTunes? Well, you will surely trend that most of the apps are tough to use. Although such apps provide awesome features but there is not any value of features if you can’t use them. Is there any?

In this bustling race, Tweetery is an app coming from the long list of Twitter apps like a shining star. Design is the most important factor and this is what Tweetery has taken serious care of. It comes with Elegant design which makes it simple to use.

Mute feature is another eye-catching part that lets you to mute the tweets coming from annoying users without unfollowing them. Quick Action Panel gives you fast and easy access to all basic actions that you would like to do with a tweet or your profile. You can refresh the app whenever you want so as to get new tweets coming from your friends.

Moreover, you can access your friend’s profile, can upload photos, can send or receive messages, can view links within the app and can do a lot more with Tweetery.

You should give Tweetery, a try now.


  • Clean, elegant interface
  • Mute users temporarily, no unfollow needed!
  • Post new tweets, retweet, and replies
  • Intelligent caching recognizes updated avatars
  • Manual refresh
  • Ad free

Tweetery Says

Simplify your tweet stream! Temporarily mute people who over tweet. Take action on a tweet faster than ever with our slick tweet action panel. With a clean, elegant interface maximizing legibility and simplicity, Tweetery™ is more than a twitter client– it’s a pleasure to use.

Web Says

Tweetery– Simplify Your Tweet Sream



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