TweeterValue – how much is your Twitter account worth?

TweeterValue is a simple twitter app that calculates the total worth of your Twitter account. You just need to type in the username of the Twitter account you wish to check the value of and TweeterValue would calculate its worth for you.

The site makes use of a number of parameters such as Followers, Following, tweets etc. to calculate the worth of a Twitter account.


  • Calculate the worth of a Twitter account
  • Takes number of followers, following, tweets etc into account


TweeterValue Says

This is – a website serving one purpose, to put a price on the value of your Twitter account. Now we know that the buying and selling of Twitter accounts has yet to come into fashion. However, we have devised an algorithm to estimate how much a someone would be prepared to pay for a Twitter account. Many things are taken into account, including: followers, following and tweets.


  • TweeterValue – Find out the value of your Twitter account


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