Tweetelity – Twitter mass unfollow tool

Tweetelity is a simple twitter application that lets you mass unfollow all twitter users who do not follow you back on twitter.

The site uses Twitter oAuth for authorization. You can opt to unfollow all those whom you follow but don’t follow you back. At the same time you can have such users blocked too!

I guess this is the simplest no nonsense mass unfollow tool I’ve come across lately.


  • Unfollow those who do not follow you back on twitter
  • Uses twitter oAuth, no password needed


Tweetelity Says

Tweetelity let you mass unfollow thoses of your friends who are not following you back.

Alert them and KICK them!



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12 thoughts on “Tweetelity – Twitter mass unfollow tool

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  6. cheth

    I’m sad that such an app is designed.. what if user 1 follows user 2 and user 2 doesnt follow back.. and later user1 uses this tool and automatically blocks others.. FYI twitter takes blocking others seriously. I hope others dont get suspended due to blocking but someone else for no reason.

  7. Nischal Shetty Post author


    Dude… not sure about that… As far as I know.. blocking is just to prevent the other user from following you… Thts the reason why seesmic guy @loic has been asking twitter to put the report as spam feature… else everyone would have used the block thingy… again this is wht I think… it can also be wht u say.. twitter checking for users who have been blocked by a lot of other users and markin them as span…

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