TweetDoc – document your twitter events

TweetDoc helps you keep a record of an event through twitter. You can create a tweetdoc from all the tweets and search terms pertaining to an event.

To create a tweetdoc, you need to enter the appropriate search term or hashtag, optionally set up the date and time ranges, tweet limits etc. TweetDoc would then generate a PDF file consisting of all the matching tweets which you can save as a record.

This can help brands monitor theirs campaigns, find out what people are talking about a particular product and do so much more!


  • Create PDF files of tweets
  • Save tweets pertaining to a Hashtag or search term
  • Helpful in brand monitoring


TweetDoc Says

A tweetdoc is a document that brings together all the tweets from a particular event or search term. A tweetdoc allows you to keep a record of an event through twitter.


  • TweetDoc – Document your twitter event


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