TweetBlocker – block twitter spam

All you twitter spammers BEWARE. TweetBlocker is here!

Aimed at being a spam fighting twitter application, TweetBlocker helps you weed out the spammy twitter accounts. On the homepage, you can check for any twitter users spam grade. Grades are from A to F with Grade A giving you a clean chit while Grade F indicating you might be a spammer.

You can login to the site and get a personal spam report which displays a detailed ranking of all the people you follow on twitter. You can easily block twitter users you think are spammers. Since TweetBlocker uses twitter oAuth, you should have no problem giving the site a try. Besides, its for a good cause.

The site provides an API for application developers to retrieve a twitter users grade as well as report a user as spammer.

There’s a bookmarklet which makes reporting spammers a breeze.


  • Check any twitter users spam grade
  • Get your own personal spam report
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Bookmarklet for easy spam reporting
  • API available for twitter application developers


TweetBlocker Says

Tweetblocker is a free resource for Twitter users and application developers. Using highly advanced filtering, we catalog and rank the top spammers on Twitter, allowing users to quickly and easily find spammers.



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  • @andrewmaier – Interaction/Visual Designer, UX Enthusiast, Speaker, Author, part-time model
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8 thoughts on “TweetBlocker – block twitter spam

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  8. Adam Baird

    This looks great! When twitter leaked a bunch of documents a month or so back, one of the really interesting things that came out was the concept of TweetRank. That would hopefully be similar to a service like this.

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