TweeFind – twitter search by user rank

TweeFind is a twitter search engine that displays results based on a twitter users rank. You can say this is something similar to what Google does by displaying results based on PageRank.

You have the option to select only English tweets or tweets from all languages. You can even opt to see only those tweets that contain links in them.

TweeFind has a search plugin for WordPress blogs which displays tweets related to blog posts at the end of each post. You can even embed search results in your blog or site.

The TweeFind search plugin adds TweeFind to your browsers search bar. For application developers, there is an API available.


  • Search tweets based on user rank
  • Search tweets in English or all languages
  • Search tweets containing links
  • WordPress plugin to display related tweets
  • Search plugin adds TweeFind to the browser search bar



  • TweeFind – Twitter search by user rank


  • @tweefind – Tweefind is a Twitter search engine that displays results based on users’ rank. The Tweerank is assigned dinamically and changes daily.
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