Tweckr – real-time image search engine built for twitter

Tweckr is a real-time image search engine for twitter. Images contained in tweets are displayed on the home page.

You can enter your own keywords and search for images. As and when new results are available the site automatically updates you with the news results. You can view the results in full screen mode too!

Mouse over the images to read the associated tweet and click any image to view full size. You can easily retweet images as well.


  • Real-time image search built for twitter
  • Enter keywords and search for images


Tweckr Says

Tweckr is a Real Time image search from twitter, but what does it mean?

Tweckr will get all tweets in the public timeline from twitter and will search for images, (at this time we only show images from twitpic), and will show them in a cool interface.

There you can see the image as the main content, the actual tweet and optionally the fullsize image.


  • Tweckr – The eyes of twitter


  • @tweckr – Tweckr is a Real Time image search for twitter. See what people are watching in this moment. Tweckr is developed by @Tmeister
  • @Tmeister – The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.
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