Twazzup – real-time search with neatly structured results

Twazzup is a real-time twitter search engine but it has a very unique way of displaying results.

Results are grouped into various categories making the result page appear like some sort of a blog or news page. It displays categories such as ‘Highlight’, ‘News’, ‘Popular Links’, ‘Tweets’ , ‘Influencers’ etc. So, in a way you can get complete information about the keyword you are searching for.


  • Real-time twitter search engine
  • Displays search results as a magazine / news site
  • Results categorized into ‘Highlight’, ‘News’, ‘Popular Links’ etc.

Twazzup Says

Search twitter. Get real insights.


  • Twazzup – Search Twitter. Get real insights.


  • @twazzup – Cutting through the realtime noise
  • @mocy – Technologist / Entrepreneur / Twazzup and Yokway Founder
  • @sphilipakis – part French, part G[r]eek and Twazzup co-founder.
  • @tifroz – 5 days working twazzup, 2 days working the waves at waddell creek, repeat!
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