Twavatars – Add text to your twitter avatar, just by tweeting!

Twavatars helps you do some tiny little modifications to your twitter profile image.

The app will fetch your twitter profile image once you authorize it and then let you add text to it. Once you’re done adding the required text to your profile, you can have it as your new twitter profile image.

Twavatars can help you make your profile pic more fun. You can add new text to your profile image everyday or even have your favorite hashtag added to it.

Twavatars is planning to come out with a cool mobile site soon. Another cool feature of Twavatars is that you can add text to your twitter images just by tweeting. You can view the commands needed here.


  • Add text to your twitter profile image
  • Add text to profile image through tweets
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


Twavatars Says

twavatars was born as a simple application to add pixelated metadata 🙂 to your twitter avatar


  • Twavatars – your twitter avatar’s little helper


  • @twavatars – A web app that lets you add 10 characters to your twitter avatar. No muss. No fuss. No Photoshop. AND you can change your twavatar via tweet
  • @howardliptzin – Expat American, web/mobile entrepreneur, pongo sculptor, working on mo-co-social projects.
  • @sarperdag – A web engineer passionate about creating nifty apps around…
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