Trendmetr – visually monitor the buzz on twitter

Trendmetr is a visual trend monitoring twitter application that makes use of the twitter search API to get you the buzz a keyword is currently creating on twitter.

The dB meter (that’s what each bar that you see is called) updates itself every minute to give you an up to date insight into a keywords popularity on twitter. You can add as many new dB meters as you want.

If you want to monitor tweets pertaining to a keyword in real-time then you should probably try Monitter.


  • Visualize the trending topics on twitter
  • Add as many meters as you want and track your keywords
Trendmetr - Live Twitter buzz monitoring

Trendmetr - Live Twitter buzz monitoring

Trendmetr Says

Every minute, the dB meters update to show how many times a search term was mentioned on Twitter in the last hour.
Add more meters to compare buzz in real-time.


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