Timehop-What Did You Do 1 Year Ago Today ?

Timehop works like a time machine for your social media life and lets you know that what did you do 1 year ago today.

To use this service, you need to sign in using your Facebook account and once you do it, you will start getting the daily emails that will remind you that what did you do 1 year ago on the same date.

You can also use it for tweets posted on Twitter by you, an year back. But as you may bee familiar that Twitter saves only 3200 tweets. So if you have posted more than 3200 tweets in an year, then Timehop will not work the exact, for which it’s made.

Foursquare Check-ins and Instagram’s photos uploaded by you a complete year back, can also be fetched with Timehop. Timehop has included the support of text SMS messages as well.

There is not any fees to use it. You should try Timehop now.



  • Time machine for your social media life
  • Check what did you post today, one year back on Facebook
  • Check your tweets on Twitter and Check-Ins on Foursquare, done today, an year back
  • Check your photos uploaded to Instagram, an year back, on the same day
  • Support for text SMS messages as well

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Timehop-What Did You Do 1 Year Ago Today ?



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