The 140 Twitter Scholarship – The first ever Twitter Scholarship

Who says Twitter’s bad for college kids and is a waste of time!? Here’s something that will give every college kid wanting to be on Twitter a reason to cheer.

The 140 Twitter Scholarship is a unique scholarship being awarded to a student twitter user with the best tweet describing how twitter can be put to use.

This is a great initiative and would help a college kid get scholarship as well as help get useful ideas to put twitter to better use. Please do retweet and tell your twitter followers about it.


  • The first ever Twitter Scholarship
  • Scholarship being awarded to a student twitter user with the best idea of putting Twitter to good use


The 140 Twitter Scholarship Says

Since Twitter is still such a new medium, we hoped that by creating a scholarship around it we could help encourage further thinking about how to leverage it. That is why we’re giving $14,014.00 to college students who uses Twitter.



  • @scholarship – Learn how to get financial aid to help pay for your college expenses.
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