tDash – it’s Gmail, no it’s GReader, no it’s a brilliantly thought out Twitter App!

tDash is a pretty cool twitter app that many of you would find useful and handy.

This is something I had been looking out for. Following a lot of users makes it difficult for me to keep track of the hundreds of tweets that keep pouring in all the time. With the unread tweet counts in tDash, my work gets so much easier!

The app has been designed on the lines of Google Reader and it does a pretty good job at it (it’s a little slacky with the heavy duty javascripting going on, but with time I’m sure the kinks would be ironed out by the developer).

You can navigate through the tweets using the ‘n’ key to go next and the ‘p’ key for previous. I haven’t tested all the keyboard shortcuts but I presume there is support for many more keyboard shortcuts (can anyone check this please?)

Do check it out and tell me if you liked it. Now don’t come nagging and comparing this with TweetDeck or HootSuite. These are mature products, it’ll take time for tDash to reach there but with time, I’m confident it will, provided you guys use it everyday!


  • Google Reader like twitter client
  • You can mark your tweets as read
  • Navigate using keyboard shortcuts
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Tweets sorted into ‘folders’ with the unread tweet count displayed
  • Nested comments, displays conversations
  • Auto shorten and expand URLs

tDash Says

tDash was born with the intent of applying a GoogleReader like interface to Twitter.

The key features of such an interface are

* the ability to mark tweets as read, and thus to narrow down the user’s attention to tweets that are as yet unread.
* sort incoming tweets into nice folders automatically

To read tweets in tDash all that you will need, ideally, is just one key: the SPACEBAR. Pressing it will take you to the next unread message automatically.


  • tDash – A browser-based twitter client with a focus on productivity


  • @tdash – News and updates from a browser based Twitter client
  • @h__r__j – Overworked mad genius readying to take on the world. I am his neighbor.
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