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LinksAlpha – Share links on twitter and facebook

LinksAlpha lets users retweet, share and like pages from any site to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends with just one click. The user experience is similar to Facebook Like button but expanded to Twitter and Facebook Share as well. The plugin is available for WordPress and TypePad users. Non-platform users can also avail this functionality by getting the iframe code here.

One of the additional advantages of the plugin is that the UI loads in iframe so it doesn’t delay loading of webpages once plugin has been integrated.


  • 1-click Retweet
  • 1-click Facebook Share
  • 1-click Facebook Like
  • Displays counts next to the buttons
  • Offers consistent UI: aligned buttons and uniform color selection
  • Gives visual indication after the blog post is Retweeted/Shared/Liked

LinksAlpha Says

LinksAlpha lets users retweet, share and like pages from any site to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends with just one click.


  • LinksAlpha – Share links on twitter and facebook


Twitter Fans – an awesome WordPress plugin for every blogger who’s a twitter fan

TwitterFans is an excellent WordPress plugin that mimics the Facebook Fans widget available for blogs.

All you need to do is install the twitter fans plugin and it would be made available as a widget in your admin area. Then, just drag and drop it to the sidebar and voila! you have the twitter fan box ready!

The twitter fans widget allows customization up to a certain extent such as specifying the number of twitter fans to show, the color of the twitter fans widget etc. But, to make the widget work, all you need to fill is the twitter username, nothing else!


  • WordPress Plugin that mimics the functionality of Facebook fan widget for Twitter
  • Twitter fans WordPress Plugin
  • Just install the Plugin, drag and drop to your sidebar and you’re done

Twitter Fans Says

Twitter Fans lets you display your twitter followers in the sidebar as a widget just like Facebook’s fan widget in appearance. That’s what’s why we call it “Twitter Fans Widget”.

There are other plugins that let you display your twitter followers but they ask for your twitter password. While this plugin will just take username. Also it lets you change border, background, and color of the widget.



  • @SohailAbid – Currently, traveling the length and breadths of Pakistan on a motorcycle. (Author of a novel. Independent software developer. Loves Punjabi Sufi poetry.)

SiteTweet – real-time twitter metrics for your site

SiteTweet allows you to post specific messages about your site on twitter.

Example: You want to tweet every time someone searches for a specific keyword on your site or you want to update your twitter account every time someone views your About page, SiteTweet is the twitter app for you.

WordPress users rejoice! SiteTweet has a WordPress plugin that makes tweeting site behaviour a breeze.


  • Tweet site behaviour automatically on twitter
  • WordPress plugin for SiteTweet integration
  • Receive details on goal completions
  • Register specific searches
  • Receive notifications from visitors from specific sources


SiteTweet Says

sitetweet allows webmasters to post immediate messages on Twitter about specific behaviors on their site.

Usually installed on strategic pages, you can configure sitetweet to send a special message when a user performs a certain action on your site. You can use Twitter’s options for private posts in case you want to control who follows your login.


  • SiteTweet – Real-Time twitter metrics for your site alert tool


  • @sitetweet – Tweet your site’s users behavior
  • @pklien – out of my mind, back in 5 minutes


TwittURLs displays all the popular links that have been tweeted on twitter.

Twitturls can be interesting as you get to check out popular links on twitter. So, the next time you are bored, just hop over to Twitturls.

The site also has a mobile version so that you can stay updated with all the popular links even on the go.

A WordPress plugin that displays the currently popular links that have been tweeted is also available for download.


  • View popular links that have been tweeted on twitter
  • View popular images being tweeted
  • View all popular videos that were tweeted
  • RSS Feed of the popular links available


TwittURLs Says

People post links in their twitter feed. We grab ’em, visit ’em, count ’em, score ’em and list ’em. Today’s most tweeted links. This list is refactored every minute.

A “what’s buzzing” on twitter.



  • @twitturlsPopular Links culled from the Twitter public timeline http://twitturls.com