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Tweetz – A Windows Sidebar Gadget for Twitter

Tweetz is a windows sidebar gadget for twitter. Tweetz gives you the power of a desktop application with the convenience and fun of a gadget.

The gadget has all the features you would expect from a twitter app. You can easily view your timeline, mentions, direct messages and favorites. You can search twitter, follow and unfollow users, reply, retweet and do so much more.


  • All standard twitter features like mentions, direct messages, favorites, retweets etc.
  • OAuth authentication protects your twitter account
  • Search
  • Single click access to user profiles
  • Click #tags to search
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Number of unread tweets shown in header
  • Reverse lookup of shortened links (for most services)
  • Docked and undocked sizes
  • Clean, concise UI with small desktop footprint
  • Hot keys to shorten links and send tweets

Tweetz Says

Think all Windows gadgets have to be pale facsimiles of their desktop counter parts? Think again. Tweetz gives you the the power of a desktop application with the convenience and fun of a gadget.


  • Tweetz – Windows sidebar gadget for Twitter


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Chirpr – Windows sidebar gadget for twitter

Chirpr is a sidebar gadget meant for Windows Vista users. Install this sidebar gadget and you would be able to read and update your twitter timeline from your windows sidebar.

The gadget refreshes automatically every 60 seconds. You get audio notifications whenever there are new messages.

Chirpr is a light weight gadget for twitter users interested in just reading or updating their twitter timeline. Twitter power users can try TweetDeck for their desktop.


  • Windows Vista sidebar gadget for twitter
  • Read and update your twitter timeline
  • Auto Refreshes every 60 seconds


Chirpr Says

Windows Vista Sidebar gadget to read/write tweets. Formerly known as “Twitter Gadget” on Windows Live Gallery.


  • Chirpr – Windows sidebar gadget for twitter


  • @chirpr – Just chirpin’ along…