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IsParade – doubly awesome visualization of your twitter followers!

IsParade is so so so awesome when it comes to visualizing your twitter followers. The developer has put in so much thought to details.

What the app basically does is display all your followers in a fun and interesting way. Go have a look and tell all your friends about it!


  • View your twitter followers in an animated parade
  • Awesome twitter follower visualization


  • IsParade – Let’s parade with Twitter people!

VisibleTweets – what tweets do you want to visualize?

VisibleTweets is one of those awesome twitter sites which just has to be tried by every twitter user.

The site displays tweets based on the search criteria entered by you. What makes VisibleTweets a must visit is the awesome way in which tweets are visualized!

The tweets keep falling from nowhere, colours keep changing, well, to be frank the site’s an absolute bliss and a reward for your eyes.

There are three types of animations to choose from – Letter to Letter, Rotation and Tag Cloud.


  • Visualize tweets
  • One of the best twitter update visualizations
  • Awesome site design


VisibleTweets Says

Visible Tweets is a visualization of Twitter messages designed for display in public spaces.


  • VisibleTweets – Twitter visualizations. Now with added prettiness!


  • @visibletweets – Updates about Visible Tweets — a visualisation of Twitter messages designed for display in public spaces.
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Top Twitter Friends

Top Twitter Friends displays all your twitter friend connections in a graph.

The graph is a visual treat and helps you understand your connections better. You can check your conversation graph, view your towns social network as well as get info on any keywords of interest.


  • View maps visualizing your twitter friends


Top Twitter Friends Says

Who do you talk to most often on Twitter?
Who are your closest friends?
What does your social network look like?



  • @petewarden – Brit in LA, ex-Apple, now building a startup, in between mountain bike rides

Grafitter – visualize your twitter data

Grafitter visualizes your tweets and displays the keywords that you use the most with the size varying according to your frequency of use.

The app is a lot like MyTwitterWeighsATon but more comprehensive and detailed.

Another interesting feature is the customized hashtag that the site understands.You can get detailed information about your behaviour if you make use of these hashtags.

Example: If you had French Toast, you can use the hashtag format for food –

#food(French Toast)

You can check trends for your tweets including @Replies, tweets containing urls and hashtags.


  • View your twitter behaviour by analyzing keywords
  • Custom hashtag format to track your behaviour better


Grafitter Says

Grafitter is a way of using Twitter to collect information about your self over time and to visualize the information in graphs.


  • Grafitter – visualize your twitter information in graphs


  • @grafitter – Allowing users to collect information about their selves that can be visualized into graphs.