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Ubersocial Android App

Ubersocial is a cool Android app for Twitter users and we can download it from Google Play. Well, there are many features in this app, which make it best in the huge list of Twitter related Android apps. Having this app installed on your Android is like, having complete Twitter in your pocket, while on the move.

The best feature of the app is that it allows you to create a list of favorite users. You can add the Twitter users in this list whom tweets you want to receive. If you are getting too many tweets on your timeline related to any particular topic, then Mute hashtag feature can make your timeline free from tweets related to that topic. You can access all the features from well designed menu and can customize it according to your needs as well.

You can even link your Facebook account with this app to post all tweets to your Facebook account automatically. The Live Preview feature of this app allows you to access all media data and links within the app itself. This app also solves the problem of 140 characters restriction in tweets. In short, Ubersocial is an ‘All In One’ Twitter app.

You should give Ubersocial, a try now.


  • Create a list of your favorite Twitter users to get their updates only
  • Mute any topic whose tweets are irritating you
  • Link your Facebook account to post tweets there automatically
  • Visit all the links within the app
  • Post tweets having more than 140 characters
  • Completely free to download and to use

UberSocial Says

UbserSocial is the best app that allows you to use Twitter with full features on your Android based smartphone or tablet.

Web Says

UberSocial– The World’s most popular full-featured Twitter app.