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twittLoad- Free File Hosting For Twitter

twittLoad is a web-based app that provide free file hosting to for Twitter.

You can use this tool to upload your files and then to tweet about them. Using the app is very simple. Login using your Twitter account and upload the file by choosing it from your system. Click ‘Tweet A File’ and your file will get tweeted instantly.

You can see the tweet status within the app. This app creates a ‘twittLoad.com’ link to your file, clicking on which will open your file. This app also creates a download link to your file that you can share with your friends to provide them fast and easy access.

It’s completely free to use. You should try twittLoad now.


  • Free file hosting for Twitter
  • Tweet the files by uploading them
  • People can view your uploaded file by clicking link in the tweet
  • Direct download link to the app
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twittLoad- Free File Hosting for Twitter. Update your Twitter status and share files with your friends!

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twittLoad– Free File Hosting For Twitter