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Twitteron – Adobe AIR desktop application

Twitteron is an Adobe AIR powered desktop application for twitter. The interface looks clean and easy to use.

You can view your public timeline, reply and fav tweets. You can view your friends and followers at the bottom of the app window. You can easily view any twitter users profile too. Search has been integrated as well.

Users can upload pics directly to twitpic. All the twitpics that your friends share would be displayed inline with the tweets! You can change the apps skin as well as font to suit your taste.


  • Adobe AIR powered desktop twitter app
  • Simple and clean interface
  • View timeline, Reply, DM and fav tweets
  • Browser-like navigation, with back, forward and refresh capability
  • One-click access to uploading pictures to TwitPic!
  • One-click access to shrinking links
  • The ability to change fonts, and skins
  • Search Notifications


Twitteron Says

Twitteron is a free twitter client that runs on any OS that supports the the Adobe AIR runtime platform (Mac, Windows, and Linux)


  • Twitteron – Adobe AIR powered desktop twitter app


  • @techlogica – The people behind the pixels, makers of of the twitter client Twitteron