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Yasst – a lightweight twitter desktop application

Yasst is a lightweight twitter application available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux.

It has all the regular features that a twitter application requires like sending tweets, viewing replies and mentions, retweets, DMs etc.

The app has a multi-column view. You can search twitter too. The best thing is that this application is available for all platforms!


  • Send tweets, receive replies and mentions, DM
  • Image uploading
  • Multi-column view
  • Search for any phrase
  • View user profiles
  • URL shortening
  • Featured options menu
  • Follow/unfollow function

Yasst Says

A lightweight twitter thingymbob


  • Yasst – lightweight twitter application for all platforms


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TweetOBox – native twitter client for Windows

TweetOBox is a native twitter client developed for windows users. It has all the standard twitter features that you would expect from a Twitter client.

An interesting aspect of TweetOBox is that anyone can develop plugins on top of it.  You can search twitter and filter over your tweets. The app is pretty fast compared to other clients. I really liked the speed with which it loads user info if you click on a username to view their profile.


  • Native twitter client for Windows
  • Supports all standard twitter features expected in a twitter client
  • Is really fast in retrieving new updates, displaying user profile information etc

TweetOBox Says

A new windows based Twitter client that redefines your Twitter experience


  • TweetOBox – A windows based Twitter Client


  • @tweetobox – TweetOBox is a Windows based Twitter client designed in WPF.

Seesmic – twitter app for web, desktop, Android, Blackberry and what not!

Seesmic has twitter applications for a LOT of different platforms. There’s an Adobe AIR app that’s cross-platform and can be used on Windows, Linux as well as Mac.

For Windows users, Seesmic has a windows based twitter application that has an excellent user interface and makes tweeting all the more fun. One of the main reasons why I hadn’t profiled Seesmic on Twi5 till now was that I never really liked the seesmic UI, but with the windows application my complaints have disappeared.

Seesmic recently launched twitter apps for Android as well as Blackberry.

Seesmic Desktop (Adobe AIR)

The AIR app was one of the first apps that Seesmic developed as part of the wide range of apps that they have now. Being based on Adobe AIR, the app can be used by Windows, Linux and Mac users.

Seesmic Desktop has support for multiple twitter accounts. Lists are supported as well. You can create multiple columns and have each column dedicated to various updates such as @replies, Direct Messages etc. Create saved searches and have them displayed in a separate column.

Apart from Twitter, Seesmic Desktop supports Facebook as well. You can ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on any of the Facebook posts.


Seesmic for Windows

Seesmic for windows is built on the .NET framework. It has an excellent UI and if you are a windows user, I suggest you use Seesmic for Windows instead of the Adobe AIR app.

Apart from the features available in the AIR app, Seesmic for windows also offers a tabbed view of Accounts, Searches and Twitter lists.


Seesmic Web

So, you want to access Seesmic from everywhere, eh? Seesmic has a web version available for you.

The web interface is simple and has all the functionalities provided in the Seesmic AIR app.


Seesmic twitter app for Android

Seesmic for Android groups all your Twitter timelines in one simple screen. Whether you want to scroll infinitely in your friends timeline or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one tap away in a beautiful interface.

Share photos, videos and your location in your tweets, with the service you want. Seesmic has included popular photo and video sharing websites like yFrog, TwitPic and Youtube. You can choose what notifications you wish to receive and the set the notification ringtone of your choice.

If you get bored of using Twidroid, you should probably give this app a spin as well!


The Seesmic for Android mobile application has implemented exciting new features for you. The Android app now allows you to manage multiple accounts as well as remember your scroll position. There are also a number of other enhancements that will make your online experience much more useful.


Seesmic twitter app for Blackberry

The blackberry twitter application from Seesmic offers you a single clean view of all you tweets.

Seesmic for BlackBerry groups all your Twitter timelines into one simple application. Whether you want to scroll through your friends timeline, check on a saved search, view a list or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one click away from the main menu.


Seesmic Says

Stay connected and share information with your friends


  • Seesmic – Stay connected and share information with your friends


  • @seesmic – I make updates and announcements for Seesmic.com Send feedback/questions to @askseesmic

MahTweets – Desktop Twitter and Facebook application

MahTweets is a free and open source desktop application supporting social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A variety of third party sites such as TwitPic, flickr, YFrog etc. are supported. Pics shared using some of the supported third party sites are displayed inline thus making image viewing more convenient. MahTweets automatically splits long tweets for you.

A really useful feature is the option to filter hashtags. You can opt to exclude tweets which contain hashtags that clog your timeline.


  • Open source Twitter and Facebook application
  • Inline Pictures
  • Tweet Splitting
  • Auto expand shortened URLs
  • Filtering of hashtags
  • Multiple uploading services



  • MahTweets – Desktop Twitter and Facebook application


  • @mahtweets – I’m a WPF Twitter client.
  • @Aeoth – We are the League of Paul, fear us for we are one. MahTweets developer
  • @WillHughes – Not a people person. May explode without warning or apparent provocation.
  • @ShiftKey
  • @UXLuver – WPF/Silverlight designer. I got a black belt in Blend!
  • @NickHodge – Mercurial, Iconoclastic Professional Geek working for Microsoft. Doing stuff with open source & web communities. Lover of programming languages & @mrsnickhodge

T-Messenger Adobe AIR based twitter client

T-Messenger is an Adobe AIR based twitter client that’s supposed to be simple, clean and fast.

Since it’s an Adobe AIR application, it supports Windows, Linux as well as Mac. You can create groups to sort out all your twitter friends into various categories and keep a tab on updates from those who really matter.

T-Messenger allows you to strike a conversation with your friends as you would using a messenger. Double click on any of your friends username and start a conversation with them. If you wish to type more than 140 characters, then go ahead, just do it. T-Messenger would break it into multiple updates, all automatically just for you!

Uploading an image cannot get easier than this. There’s no upload button, you just need to drag an image and drop it into the update box! Images would be uploaded to TwitPic. The app also shortens long URLs automatically for you.

P.S. When I tried updating a tweet with more than 140 characters, it did break the tweet into two parts but unfortunately both the updates seemed to have only the first part! Hope the bug’s resolved soon.


  • Clean and Simple interface
  • Adobe AIR based desktop application
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Chat with your twitter friends
  • Create groups and filter messages
  • Automatically splits updates greater than 140 characters


T-Messenger Says

A simple to use, powerful, intelligent Twitter client for every-day users



  • @Fokker680 – Developer of T-Messenger. CTO at Alkon.com.ar/.cl/.pe/.mx – Software developer and designer, climber and a sucker for cars and high tech gizmos.

Twittle – a lightweight twitter client for windows

Twittle isn’t the power packed twitter clients that are being developed everyday. This one’s to help you do the simplest thing that a twitterer does – update status and @reply!

Twittle is a light weight application built for Microsoft Windows OS. You can view your friends timeline, all the replies that you receive and search tweets too. Double click on any tweet to @Reply.


  • Light weight twitter client for Microsoft Windows OS
  • Update, @Reply and view your friends timeline
  • Search tweets


Twittle Says

Twittle is a Twitter client for Windows written in WPF and C#. You can follow us here.


  • Twittle – A lightweight windows twitter client


Chirpr – Windows sidebar gadget for twitter

Chirpr is a sidebar gadget meant for Windows Vista users. Install this sidebar gadget and you would be able to read and update your twitter timeline from your windows sidebar.

The gadget refreshes automatically every 60 seconds. You get audio notifications whenever there are new messages.

Chirpr is a light weight gadget for twitter users interested in just reading or updating their twitter timeline. Twitter power users can try TweetDeck for their desktop.


  • Windows Vista sidebar gadget for twitter
  • Read and update your twitter timeline
  • Auto Refreshes every 60 seconds


Chirpr Says

Windows Vista Sidebar gadget to read/write tweets. Formerly known as “Twitter Gadget” on Windows Live Gallery.


  • Chirpr – Windows sidebar gadget for twitter


  • @chirpr – Just chirpin’ along…