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Plode.me – Web based twitter client

Plode.me is a web based twitter application that let’s you tweet, schedule and post updates to facebook along with twitter.

You can easily schedule tweets. The app also lets you repeat a particular tweet at regular interval, marketers should find this feature helpful. Tweets with more than 140 characters would be shortened and a link to read the entire tweet would be appended automatically.

Multiple account support is available. Just click the settings icon and select ‘manage linked accounts’ option.


  • Twitter web application
  • Support for facebook
  • Schedule posts
  • Repeat tweets

Plode.me Says

A twitter web app that doesn’t suck!


  • Plode.me – A twitter app that doesn’t suck!


  • @plode_me – A twitter web app that doesn’t suck!

MyTweetPlace – twitter web client

MyTweetPlace is a twitter web client with lots of functionalities.

The app lets you tweet, view profiles, stats, trends, mentions, monitor keywords, schedule tweets etc. Twitter oAuth is used for authentication.


  • Twitter web client
  • Tweet, search keywords, schedule tweets and much more

MyTweetPlace Says

My Tweet Place is a web app created for all those who need an effective twitter client to manage their community, using it from everywhere.
Just open your browser and start tweeting!



Cadmus – manage your twitter stream and see the most relevant tweets

Cadmus is a real-time twitter service that displays tweets grouped nicely into appropriate chunks of time.

Similar posts are grouped into conversations and the most important one is placed at the top. Trending topics are calculated from within your group of friends thus giving more personalized trending topics compared to the general trending topics described by twitter.

@Replies are grouped into conversations. Cadmus uses twitter oAuth for authentication. Cadmus also has an API for other developers.


  • Manage tweets, view the most useful tweets
  • Similar tweets grouped into one
  • @replies grouped as conversations
  • Tweets grouped according to time

Cadmus Says

Cadmus is a real-time service that manages your stream (Twitter, FriendFeed and RSS) by displaying the most relevant content since the last time you checked in. It helps you get caught up on what you have missed.


  • Cadmus – Manage your twitter stream


  • @thecadmus – Helping you figure out what your friends are talking about. Brought to you by @fanjiewang & @jayair.
  • @fanjiewang – Entrepreneur. Founder of http://thecadmus.com
  • @jayair – Entrepreneur, Designer and Thinker. Working on thecadmus.com – Trends from your friends.

Seesmic – twitter app for web, desktop, Android, Blackberry and what not!

Seesmic has twitter applications for a LOT of different platforms. There’s an Adobe AIR app that’s cross-platform and can be used on Windows, Linux as well as Mac.

For Windows users, Seesmic has a windows based twitter application that has an excellent user interface and makes tweeting all the more fun. One of the main reasons why I hadn’t profiled Seesmic on Twi5 till now was that I never really liked the seesmic UI, but with the windows application my complaints have disappeared.

Seesmic recently launched twitter apps for Android as well as Blackberry.

Seesmic Desktop (Adobe AIR)

The AIR app was one of the first apps that Seesmic developed as part of the wide range of apps that they have now. Being based on Adobe AIR, the app can be used by Windows, Linux and Mac users.

Seesmic Desktop has support for multiple twitter accounts. Lists are supported as well. You can create multiple columns and have each column dedicated to various updates such as @replies, Direct Messages etc. Create saved searches and have them displayed in a separate column.

Apart from Twitter, Seesmic Desktop supports Facebook as well. You can ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on any of the Facebook posts.


Seesmic for Windows

Seesmic for windows is built on the .NET framework. It has an excellent UI and if you are a windows user, I suggest you use Seesmic for Windows instead of the Adobe AIR app.

Apart from the features available in the AIR app, Seesmic for windows also offers a tabbed view of Accounts, Searches and Twitter lists.


Seesmic Web

So, you want to access Seesmic from everywhere, eh? Seesmic has a web version available for you.

The web interface is simple and has all the functionalities provided in the Seesmic AIR app.


Seesmic twitter app for Android

Seesmic for Android groups all your Twitter timelines in one simple screen. Whether you want to scroll infinitely in your friends timeline or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one tap away in a beautiful interface.

Share photos, videos and your location in your tweets, with the service you want. Seesmic has included popular photo and video sharing websites like yFrog, TwitPic and Youtube. You can choose what notifications you wish to receive and the set the notification ringtone of your choice.

If you get bored of using Twidroid, you should probably give this app a spin as well!


The Seesmic for Android mobile application has implemented exciting new features for you. The Android app now allows you to manage multiple accounts as well as remember your scroll position. There are also a number of other enhancements that will make your online experience much more useful.


Seesmic twitter app for Blackberry

The blackberry twitter application from Seesmic offers you a single clean view of all you tweets.

Seesmic for BlackBerry groups all your Twitter timelines into one simple application. Whether you want to scroll through your friends timeline, check on a saved search, view a list or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one click away from the main menu.


Seesmic Says

Stay connected and share information with your friends


  • Seesmic – Stay connected and share information with your friends


  • @seesmic – I make updates and announcements for Seesmic.com Send feedback/questions to @askseesmic