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WellnessTweets – put twitter to good use, your guide to health and wealth on Twitter

WellnessTweets monitors twitter for tweets that talk about health and wellness.

The site categorizes tweets into the various available health conditions so that users who require information about any particular condition can directly refer to the categories. For each health condition and wellness specialty category, WellnessTweets makes it easy to find the best tweets, website links in each tweet and the top tweeters.

Health and wellness specialists and businesses can take advantage of WellnessTweets to get their message out to consumers who are interested in the information, products and services they provide. By filtering out the noise and categorizing tweets based on health conditions and wellness specialties, WellnessTweets makes it easy for consumers to quickly find wellness specialists and businesses they are most interested in.


  • Comprehensive guide to health and wellness on Twitter
  • Tweets, Links, Profiles & Stats for 300+ health and wellness topics
  • Exclusive Profile Rankings, Stats & Trends

WellnessTweets Says

WellnessTweets monitors the millions of new tweets each month to find the best health and wellness information and resources on Twitter.  When we identify a relevant health and wellness tweet, we add it to WellnessTweets under the appropriate health condition and wellness specialty categories, making it easy for you to filter out the noise and quickly find the most relevant health and wellness tweets for your specific interests.



  • @altMD – Natural health and alternative medicine community.