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Trottr – The Twitter of Voice Messages

Trottr lets you send voice messages to your twitter friends. Whether you are on the road, disconnected from the Internet or are in no mood to be online, you can still keep your twitter friends and everyone else updated with voice messages from Trottr.

Trottr even lets you reply to your friends audio messages by making use of the reply code provided with each recorded tweet. Apart from replying to your friends messages, you can even listen to all the audio messages your friends have tweeted, now that’s called convenience!

The founder of Trottr says that the application would be of immense help to travellers disconnected from the Internet as well as for blind people.

You can set up Trottr to tweet the audio link to your twitter timeline and optionally have a preselected text shared too (you can probably add hashtags so that your followers know you’re sharing a voice tweet).

I don’t understand the language spoken here but I loved listening to it! Trottr allows you to record messages for 50 seconds. You can however change the settings if you want to save longer conversations. Set your Trottr updates to private and you can then allow only those you know to hear your voice updates. Trottr supports seven countries currently and more countries are supposedly in the pipeline.

Trottr seems like a tough competitor to other similar applications previously profiled here.

Update1: Users can upload upto 15 pictures to any of their recorded voice messages on twitter. (Example Here)

Update2: You can upload 140 second mp3 files to twitter with Trottr. Now that’s micro podcasting for you!

Update3: Upload your audio, images and text to trottr and twitter with a simple email! Use the native recording tools in your favorite device like iphone, blackberry etc.  and send your audio by email.


  • Record audio messages and share on twitter
  • Helps you update your twitter friends even when you are disconnected from the Internet
  • Helpful tools for travellers
  • Option to automatically share audio messages on your twitter timeline
  • Listen to your friends Trottr messages when you call Trottr
Trottr - Record and share voice messages on Twitter

Trottr - Record and share voice messages on Twitter

Trottr Says

trottr allows you to send audio messages to anybody around the world. Any time – and from anywhere. All by making a simple phone call. Whenever you feel like it, you can let your friends, family and colleagues listen in on your life – true to our motto: „Hear I am!“
All you have to do is register your telephone on trottr.com. Then start recording your audio messages and making them available to others via the trottr website. Of course you can also transfer your message to your twitter Timeline. Or send it directly via email, or post it on one of your communities.



  • @jeff_trottr – Make your tweets more personal – send voice messages to your timeline by phone with trottr.com

TweetYak – Record and share on twitter

TweetYak is a simple twitter application similar to Twitterfone, TwitWoop TwitSay and CallTweet which helps you record your message and share it on twitter.

The service is currently available in the U.S. Go record a tweet today!


  • Record and share it on twitter
  • Twitter recorded tweets




TwitWoop – send voice messages via phone to twitter

TwitWoop is a service built for twitter that lets you record voice messages over phone and have the link to this recorded message posted to your twitter timeline.

To use TwitWoop you will need to register your phone. After registration you can instantly use the service with your registered phone and send voice messages up to 140 seconds long (yeah, the 140 limit exits here too). You can easily record a reply to a friends twitwoop by entering the reply code that you see on a twitwoop tweet.

TwitWoop currently has local number support for  Germany, USA and United Kingdom (supported countries list here).

The site plans to add many more countries soon. If you cannot wait for TwitWoop to support your country you can still use TwitWoop’s international number for recording voice messages. If you are in Canada you can try CallTweet too.

Update1: TwitWoop now displays recorded replies as a hierarchical view. Called as Discussion Mode, this can be really helpful for users since all the related recorded messages would now be available in the same page!

Update2: You can now send voice messages to ANY twitter user! If the concerned twitter user is following you then your recorded voice message would be sent as a DM else it would go as an @Reply (@TwitWoop informed me about this by sending a voice message through DM, now how cool is that!).

Update3: You can leave your voice condolences for Michael Jackson here.

Update4: TwitWoop has introduced TwitWoop Channels. You can join discussions on these customized voice channels.


  • Record voice messages over phone and post the link to twitter
  • OAuth enabled
  • Currently supports Germany, USA and United Kingdom


TwitWoop Says

twitwoops are voice messages which you send into your twitter timeline directly by calling a number with your phone. Your voice message is instantly posted to your twitter timeline. So if you are on the go and want to update your followers (or should we say listeners?) about what you are doing: call in and leave a twitwoop.


  • TwitWoop – Record voice messages over phone and send them to twitter


  • @twitwoop – Check out twitwoop! Send voice messages via phone into your twitter timeline.
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