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Twitchimp- The Ultimate Twitter List Curation Tool

Did you ever try to make list of your followers or friends on Twitter? Well, if yes, then you must be familiar with the fact that Twitter doesn’t offer you much features for this task. But don’t limit yourself in the features circle of Twitter. Go beyond the boundary by using Twitchimp.

Twitchimp is list curation tool for Twitter. This is the best tool to ease the work of creating lists and annotate them. Creating list is the best way to organize the people having same interest or field. Using Twitchimp is very easy and you are not only given the facility of curating list but are also provided with the tools to share the list.

To use Twitchimp, you need to authorize your Twitter account with it. Once done, you are asked to give a Name to list. After giving it proper name of your choice, start adding people by providing their Twitter handle. As a free user, you are restricted to use up to 100 people/list.

Moreover, you can add sticky notes under each people that you add in the list. This makes the list more informative. Once done with the ‘creating list’ part, use various tools provided in the Twitchimp to share it.

Trying Twitchimp doesn’t cost you anything. So give it a try now.


  • Simplest way to create list on Twitter
  • Add notes in the list to make it more informative
  • Share the list using various tools
  • Free to use up to 100 people/list


TwitChimp Says

Twitchimp is the best tool to curate and annotate list on Twitter. You can share the list with easy to use tools. Grab your list with a powerful widget for your website.

Web Says

Twitchimp–¬†The ultimate Twitter list Curation tool




Lemmetweetthatforyou- Screenshot Of Fake Tweets

Got a screenshot of mind disturbing tweet under your friend’s or any celebrity’s name? Before you go with any decision, let me tell you that the screenshot may be fake as well. It’s not necessary to hack into someone’s Twitter account and then post under his/her name. You can do this task with the ‘Lemmetweetthatforyou’ .

‘Lemmetweetthatforyou’ is a Twitter related app that allows you to make fake tweets under any username. Although, you can’t post the tweets on Twitter, but you can have screenshot of tweets. That’s also not bad as images also speak the reality and are enough to make someone believe on any fact.

Using this Twitter tool is very simple. You just need to point your browser to their official site. Once you are there, just enter the Twitter handle of the person under whom you want tweet to come. When you add the Twitter handle, site automatically picks up the avatar image and real name of user. Now you can add your fake tweet and can have screenshot of it.

Nothing is perfect and so this site is. When you get the screenshot of fake tweets, you can see that the tweet comes with a line at the bottom ‘Via Twitter’. It describes the method by which the tweet was posted. As this is never a case with real tweets so one can find out that whether the tweet is real or not. But only the experienced Twitter users can judge it and not everyone.

So now you have fake tweet’s screenshot. Just share it with your friends to disturb their shock nerds. What about creating a controversial post on your blog and then adding fake screenshot to bring the reality in your controversy fact? The screenshot of fake tweet is with you. Do whatever you want and enjoy making others fool.

The service is free to use. You should give it a try now.


  • Create screenshot of fake tweets
  • Just enter the username of any Twitter user and leave the rest on the site
  • Use the screenshot to create controversial communication with your friends
  • Completely free to use



Lemmetweetthatforyou Says

Use this website to make fake tweets and to take screenshots of them.

Web Says

Lemmetweetthatforyou– Fake Tweets, Faking Tweets, Fake Screenshots