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Favit – receive, manage and filter information streams

Favit is a personal life streaming service featuring a powerful rss reader and a two way deep integration with twitter & facebook.

Favit threads twitter conversations together and allows you to post and view images and videos in the timeline easily. It also comes with a browser button that allows you to easily share articles, videos and images with friends on twitter and facebook.

Favit allows you to login using Twitter oAuth, Facebook as well as using your regular email address.


  • Personal life streaming service
  • Manage all your streams in one place
  • Login using Twitter or Facebook
  • Threaded twitter conversations

Favit Says

favit delivers your web stuff to one place in the web, where you can easily filter, share, discuss, rate and manage it.


  • Favit – Stream and Share


  • @favit – real-time stream reader & social aggregator

Paper.li – Twitter stream as your daily newspaper!

Paper.li aims to help you sift through your twitter stream and display only the most useful and best twitter updates like a newspaper.

You can browse through all the newspapers that have been created as well as create your own by specifying a twitter username.

Read Twitter timelines as newspapers, with shared content organized into topics (semantic analysis), content summaries extractions, multimedia, and tweets re-integrated into context.

For twitter users following +100 people it is difficult to browse the hundreds of links they are sharing everyday. Paper.li aims to facilitate this. Paper.li will also soon enable the creation of “papers” for #tags.

Example: View a twitter newspaper of my timeline here – http://www.paper.li/nischalshetty


  • Twitter newspaper
  • Read your twitter stream as a daily newspaper
  • Best and easiest way to read the best tweets from your stream

Paper.li Says

Read a twitter stream as a daily newspaper


  • Paper.li – Read a twitter stream as a daily newspaper