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SpreadTweet – twitter application that looks just like Excel!

SpreadTweet is a twitter app for you office folks who do not want to be caught tweeting at your workplace. Now you can tweet and make your boss believe that you are actually busy working on spreadsheets!

SpreadTweet is an Adobe AIR based twitter desktop application. The app is currently available  in three flavours – Office OSX, Office 2003 (windows) and Office 2007 (windows).

The interface is an exact replica of the Excel software!

You can view your twitter public timeline as well as all the @Replies and DMs’ that you have received. Your status message can be updated as well.

P.S. Do read the Is this Legal? section on the site. It’s a little funny!


  • Adobe AIR based desktop twitter application
  • Looks exactly like Excel spreadsheet
  • 3 flavours – Office OSX, Office 2003 (windows) and Office 2007 (windows)
  • View your timeline, @Replies, DMs’ as well as update your twitter status
  • Use it as a stealth twitter application at work


SpreadTweet Says

So, you work at a big corporate, huh?
And you’re not allowed to use Twitter…
Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a Twitter tool
that looked just like Excel?


  • SpreadTweet – Use twitter at your workplace in stealth mode!


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