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FollowerWonk – search twitter users by Bio, Name and Location

FollowerWonk has a very useful feature of letting you search over the ‘Bio’ field of all Twitter users.  You can also search over location and names.

Comparison of upto 3 twitter accounts can be performed using FollowerWonk. The site displays various stats for the users such as the followers they have, the number of days the user has been on Twitter, the average new followers per day as well as the average number of tweets per week.


  • Search twitter users by their Bio, Name and location
  • Compare upto 3 twitter user accounts
  • View stats such as common followers, average tweets per week, join date etc.

FollowerWonk Says

Cool way to compare Twitter users.


  • FollowerWonk – Cool stuff with Twitter bios, stats and such


Social Implu – find the top twitter users and your twitter stats

Social Implu helps you find the top twitter users. You can also find stats about any twitterer.

The average number of tweets, bio, follower, following etc are displayed to help you figure out everything about a particular twitter user.

The way users are grouped into Crows, Ducks and Ostriches is fascinating!


  • Find the top twitter users
  • Find out stats such as number of tweets, bio etc of any twitterer


Social Implu Says

We rank accounts based on followers, with rank 1 having the most followers and rank 9 having the least. Crows are folks that have many more followers than following, while ostriches are just the opposite. Gregarious ducks have following and followers nearly in balance.



  • @implu – Quality business intelligence sought by professionals in sales, marketing, business development, executive networking, recruitment & others. Details left…

Xefer Twitter – your twitter activity on a graph

Xefer Twitter brings to you a graphical representation of your twitter activity. The graph displays the tweets and replies related to your twitter account.

You can make use of this application to understand when a twitter user is most active. This can help you converse or send @replies at the time when the twitterer is most likely to be online.

Have a look at your own graph to understand how many conversations you have each day. If you’re not having enough conversations on twitter then you better start having some soon. Twitter shouldn’t be a one way channel, conversations help you keep the balance, what say?


  • View a twitter users tweeting habit in a chart
  • Find out when a twitter user is most active
  • Find the number of conversations a user has on twitter
Xefer Twitter - Twitter Charts

Xefer Twitter - Twitter Charts

Xefer Twitter Says

Produce charts showing a Twitter user’s tweet statistics.



Submitted By

  • @apnerve – A web addict, blogger, tweeter, coder, designer and developer.

Grafitter – visualize your twitter data

Grafitter visualizes your tweets and displays the keywords that you use the most with the size varying according to your frequency of use.

The app is a lot like MyTwitterWeighsATon but more comprehensive and detailed.

Another interesting feature is the customized hashtag that the site understands.You can get detailed information about your behaviour if you make use of these hashtags.

Example: If you had French Toast, you can use the hashtag format for food –

#food(French Toast)

You can check trends for your tweets including @Replies, tweets containing urls and hashtags.


  • View your twitter behaviour by analyzing keywords
  • Custom hashtag format to track your behaviour better


Grafitter Says

Grafitter is a way of using Twitter to collect information about your self over time and to visualize the information in graphs.


  • Grafitter – visualize your twitter information in graphs


  • @grafitter – Allowing users to collect information about their selves that can be visualized into graphs.

Uladoo – chart your life


Uladoo (pronounced yoo LAH doo) creates charts of tweets you send it as an @Reply.

You can create charts of just about anything.

Example: If you want to keep track of all the chocolates you eat in a week, keep sending the number of chocolates eaten to Uladoo and it’ll make a chart showing you your chocolate intake pattern. The tweet to send would be – @Uladoo chocolates eaten 2


  • Make charts of things that matter to you
  • Charts are public and can be viewed by anyone
  • Delete charts if you do not want them


Uladoo Says

Uladoo collects data via Twitter, then aggregates and displays that data in a graph.



  • @uladoo – Chart Your Life, like this “@uladoo weight 205 Totally pigged out last night. Doh”
  • @aldos – Tester, Programmer, Writer, Editor, Blogger, Dad, Hubby


TweetStats displays your twitter stats in a graph.  TweetStats can be helpful in analyzing your tweets in a number of ways.

TweetDeck creator often tweets about his applications popularity using the twitter stats available for the various applications.

  • Tweets per hour
  • Tweets per month
  • Tweet timeline
  • Reply statistics
  • Interface Used
  • Trend Tracking
  • Tracking which are the most popular 3rd party applications on twitter