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LinksAlpha – Share links on twitter and facebook

LinksAlpha lets users retweet, share and like pages from any site to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends with just one click. The user experience is similar to Facebook Like button but expanded to Twitter and Facebook Share as well. The plugin is available for WordPress and TypePad users. Non-platform users can also avail this functionality by getting the iframe code here.

One of the additional advantages of the plugin is that the UI loads in iframe so it doesn’t delay loading of webpages once plugin has been integrated.


  • 1-click Retweet
  • 1-click Facebook Share
  • 1-click Facebook Like
  • Displays counts next to the buttons
  • Offers consistent UI: aligned buttons and uniform color selection
  • Gives visual indication after the blog post is Retweeted/Shared/Liked

LinksAlpha Says

LinksAlpha lets users retweet, share and like pages from any site to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends with just one click.


  • LinksAlpha – Share links on twitter and facebook


Twixxo – an easy way to tweet

Twixxo.com is an easy to use Twitter web client that helps you view and use Twitter better. It gives you the ability to create comments on tweets and start a group discussion with the people that are following you.

You can tweet more than 140 characters. Create photo albums with permission settings. Inline thumbnails are displayed while viewing tweets. You can comment on any tweet and create a discussion. The site uses twitter oAuth to authenticate users.


  • Tweet over 140 Characters
  • Group Photo Albums with permission settings
  • Add more photos to your profile
  • Inline thumbnails when viewing peoples Tweets
  • Easy to use interface
  • Bigger Thumbnails for browsing followers
  • Comment on a given Tweet and create a discussion


Twixxo Says

After using Twitter and talking with the people, it became clear to me that Twitter would not be used by 80% of the population, for various reasons. One thing Twitter didn’t have was glue to hold the community together to really develop relationships outside of just business and shameless self promotion.


  • Twixxo – The easiest way to tweet and share


  • @MarkRainer – Founder of Twixxo.com, and Founder of UsedEverywhere.com

StumbleTweets – stumble upon links shared on twitter

StumbleTweets is a site built on the lines of StumbleUpon. But whats different here is that the links shown to you have all been shared on twitter.

So, the way to share links on StumbleTweets is to just tweet about it. When a user stumbles he/she get to view the site that you have shared.

The site also provides its very own stumble bar for Firefox users. Since all you see are user submitted tweets, chances of spam are less.

You have the option to stumble through only those links that contain specific keywords as entered by you.


  • Stumble through links shared on twitter
  • Enter keywords and stumble through links of specific interest


StumbleTweets Says

StumbleTweets allows you to check out what other Twitters are tweeting about in real-time. (Results only from the last 6 hours.)

StumbleTweets uses Twitter Search API to grab real-time tweets and relevant links to interesting websites.



  • @stumbletweets – StumbleTweets.com is HERE!
  • @zedomax – DIY, Hacker, Pro-Golfer, Internet Marketer, and more!
  • @therealjosh – Blogger, Internet Marketer, founder of whosgotroom.com A History Channel buff, skydiving, motorcycles and rugby what more do you need?

TBUZZ – twitter bookmarklet to share web pages easily

TBUZZ is a twitter bookmarklet that helps you easily share any web page on twitter.

Just drag the TBUZZ bookmarklet and you are good to go. Once you are on a web page you wish to share with your twitter friends, click on the TBUZZ bookmarklet and a small window would open. First time users would need to authorize TBUZZ using oAuth.

Once you are signed in you can start sharing web pages with your twitter friends. When you hit the bookmarklet, you not only get to share the page but the URL is shortened automatically and you can view all the tweets that refer to the page you are about to share!


  • Browser bookmarklet to share web pages on twitter
  • View twitter conversations about the web page you visit
  • Automatically shortens links
  • oAuth enabled



TBUZZ is the easiest way to talk about the Web pages you visit on twitter.

TBUZZ makes it easy to tweet the page you’re visiting or keep track of the buzz around it.


  • TBUZZ – Twitter bookmarklet to easily share web pages and see any twitter updates about the page.


  • @arc90 – Based in New York City, Arc90 builds compelling Web applications.

Twiggit – tweet your Diggs

Twiggit is a twitter app developed to automatically tweet the links you Digg.

It has been a trend to share interesting links on social networking sites. If you happen to be an active Digg as well as twitter user, you would find yourself repeating the task of sharing links. Not anymore! Just Digg your favourite sites and Twiggit would automatically tweet all such links to any twitter account specified by you.

You do not have to worry about cluttering your twitter timeline with links to your diggs. Twiggit offers you the option to turn the service On or Off as and when you want to.


  • Automatically share links that you Digg
  • Cut down on the repetitive task of digging and twittering the same stuff


Twiggit Says

twiggit is an automated service that lets your friends on twitter know what articles you digg.



  • @twiggit – twiggit is an automated service that lets your friends on twitter know what articles you digg.

krumlr – bookmark and share on twitter

Krumlr is a site exclusively meant for bookmarking and sharing links. The links you share would be automatically tweeted to your twitter account.

Basically, you can bookmark as well as share a link with just one click using the krumlr bookmarklet. The krumlr interface is very similar to twitter and you can even follow other krumlr users and view the links shared and bookmarked by them.

There would be times when you might have tweeted links that you found interesting only to be unable to find them later. Use krumlr to keep all the links that you tweet easily accessible.


  • Bookmark and share links
  • Bookmarklets for easy sharing and bookmarking


Krumlr Says

With Krumler your tinyURLs stay with you — giving you more “juice” as you tweet. Krumlr is a social bookmarking site with a Twitter twist that bookmarks the page Krums you find and then tweets them to Twitter in one click.


  • krumlr – social tweet-marking on twitter


  • @krumlr – Krumlr: Social Tweetmarking on Twitter. Follow me and see what other Twitter users are bookmarking and tweeting about.