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TweetShare – Share and discuss files on Twitter

TweetShare is a file sharing site for twitter users. You can upload images, videos, office documents etc.

The site uses Twitter oAuth for authentication. You can create twitter pages around your brand. Your friends and followers can provide feedback on the shared content and start a conversation.

TweetShare has Fan Pages that are public profiles that enable you to share your business and products easily with Twitter users. Create one in a few minutes with our simple interface.

TweetShare has an API for twitter app developers.


  • Share files, videos on Twitter
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Hold conversations around your shared content

TweetShare Says

Tweetshare is a Twitter-based application that allows you to easily create Twitter Pages around your content or brand.


  • TweetShare – Share files in a new way on Twitter


  • @tweetshare – Fan Pages for Twitter. *sigh* Finally! Conversations the way they were supposed to be – in order and real time. @patrickmoran at the helms.

Ow.ly – shorten URL, share images and videos

Ow.ly is a URL shortener for twitter that doubles up as an image and video sharing site. Ow.ly is brought to you by HootSuite, one of the best twitter web apps out there.

Ow.ly uses twitter oAuth for authentication. There’s a developer API available so that twitter app developers can integrate it in their apps.


  • Shorten URL to share on Twitter
  • Share images, videos(coming soon) and files
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication



  • Ow.ly – Shorten urls, share files and track visits


  • @hootsuite – Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & WordPress profiles, schedule messages, and measure your success. For support @HootSuite_Help

Suggested By

  • @atomicpoet – Pope of the Catholic Orthodox Church of Twitteronia. Social strategist for @invoke, the company behind @hootsuite.

TweetMojo – record and share from your webcam

TweetMojo lets you share videos, photos, files etc. on twitter. You can even record directly from your web cam and share them using TweetMojo.

Apart from sharing files and videos, you can write really long text and share them on twitter. Your twitter friends can leave comments on the shared images and videos.

When you’re bored you can head over to the public timeline to view all the posted videos, images, files etc.


  • Share files, videos, images
  • Record and share videos directly from your web cam
  • Allow twitter users to comment on shared files and videos


TweetMojo Says

Tweetmojo allows you to share your videos, photos, and documents on Twitter easily. You can also add more mojo by recording from your webcam and adding more text to your tweets!



FileSocial – tweet your files!

FileSocial seems like an amazing twitter application to help you share any type of file with your twitter friends.

You will love the site’s user interface. While uploading a file you also have the option to not tweet the link to twitter. Friends who view your shared files can even leave their comments. Comments posted would appear as an @Reply on twitter!

You can track the number of views your shared file has generated. You can sign in to FileSocial using twitter OAuth thus there is no need to part away with your twitter password. The site has a public timeline that displays the files currently being shared by twitter users using FileSocial.

Update: FileSocial has undergone a major update. You can track views, delete files whenever you want, max file size is 50MB and there is a new Adobe AIR app called as FileSocial Uploader! You can easily upload images with this desktop application.


  • Upload and share any file on twitter
  • Option to not tweet a shared file’s link
  • Displays a shared files visitor count
  • Twitter OAuth enabled
  • Excellent user interface and design
  • API available for developers


FileSocial Says

FileSocial allows you to share any file through your Twitter account.



TwitDoc – share your documents and pictures on twitter

TwitDoc helps you share documents and photos on twitter. Until now we have been seeing services such as TwitPic, TwitGoo, YFrog etc. for sharing images on twitter. But TwitDoc takes this to the next level by allowing you to upload much more than just image files.

You can upload almost any type of document files and have the link shortened and tweeted directly to your twitter stream.

You need to provide your twitter username and password for TwitDoc to be able to post the link in your twitter stream (a little OAuth would have been cooler)


  • Share documents on twitter
  • Twitter credentials needed to post the shared link to your stream


Twitdoc  Says

1. Upload a document or picture …
2. Shorten the URL …
3. Post a tweet with a link to your document

All in one step…


  • TwitDoc – Easily share document and photos on twitter


  • @twitdoc – the EASY way to share your documents on twitter.
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TwitZap – real-time twitter updates, groups and more!

TwitZap is a really nice web based twitter application which aims to better your twitter experience.

The site provides a slew of features that seem both interesting as well as useful. To start with, the site provides real time updates of tweets. Which means, you just have to stare at your screen while the site updates itself with the latest tweets!

You can easily @Reply, DM and RT any tweet you like. TwitZap provides you with an option to group users that are interesting into a single group and follow them easily. This helps when you have a large number of friends on twitter but would be particularly interested only in a few at the moment.

Shorten URLs’ and share files on twitter as well!

Search for keywords on twitter as well as view only the tweets which have been marked favourite by a particular user. View StockTwits feed as well. TwitZap helps you keep track of tweets that you have already read and displays the unread tweet count.


  • Real time update of twitter timeline
  • Easy search
  • Easily @Reply, DM and RT interesting tweets
  • Group and follow only those users whom you are particularly interested in
  • StockTwits feed
  • Shorten URL
  • Share files on twitter
  • Keep track of tweets that you have already read


TwitZap Says

TwitZap is a new way to use Twitter. It lets you slice Twitter into realtime streams of stuff that matters to you. On top of that, TwitZap users can tweet each other in real-time using our Twitter accelerator technology even while Twitter is down.


  • TwitZap – A better twitter web interface


  • @twitzap – TwitZap is a new way to use Twitter. It lets you slice Twitter into realtime streams of stuff that matters to you.
  • @rfurlan – Quant Trader, Software Engineer, Science Lover, Militant Atheist and Soon-to-be-Robot
  • @braden_e – I build things. /currently: twitzap.com, wireclub.com