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Moomeo – share any email with your twitter and facebook friends

Moomeo helps you share email with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or just about anyone anywhere!

If you come across a funny or interesting email and wish to share it with your friends, then just send the email to post@moomeo.com and you would instantly receive a link back to the email. You are now all ready to share the email with anyone in the world!

What I liked about Moomeo is the lack of a sign up page. Really, you don’t need to register to use this service, it’s that simple!

To try the service, just forward an email to post@moomeo.com.


  • Share emails with anyone in the world
  • Easily share email on Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • No registration required


Moomeo Says

At the moment, we’re simply allowing people to share emails.


  • Moomeo – Have an email worth sharing?


ScreenTweet – share videos, pictures and images on twitter

ScreenTweet is yet another great file sharing application that lets you share images and videos on twitter like the rest of the applications profiled in this category.

There are several ways to share videos and images. You can upload them from your desktop, email the pics which would come in handy when you want to share pictures and videos from a mobile device. Alternatively, you can even share videos from YouTube, Hulu and other such similar video sharing sites.

When you get bored you can browse through the sites Public feed to find some interesting pics and videos.


  • Share videos, pictures and images on twitter
  • View the public feed to find interesting videos and pics


ScreenTweet Says

ScreenTweet shares videos, pictures, screen shots, and images on Twitter



  • @screentweet – At ScreenTweet.com, you can easily share your pictures, screenshots, mobile pics, YouTube / Hulu videos and sounds on Twitter!