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Heapr- Search Google, Twitter etc. Super Fast!

Heapr is an awesome tool that works like a search engine outsourcing its search results . You can search Google, Twitter etc. from side to side with super speed.

Using the Heapr is pretty easy. Simply point your browser to their site. Enter the keyword and click ‘Search’. That’s it. The results of the entered keyword on Google, Twitter and Wikipedia will be right there in front of you.

It’s completely free to use. Give Heapr, a try now.


  • Your fast search engine for social media
  • Search Twitter, Google etc. super Fast!
  • Free and simple to use
Heapr Says
Heapr lets you to search for keywords on Twitter, Google etc. with super fast speed. All the search results are displayed on single page from side to side.
Web Says
Heapr– Search Google, Twitter etc. Super Fast!