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SiftLinks- Your Personalised Links From Twitter To Your Feed Reader

SiftLinks is a service that monitors your friend stream on Twitter, pulls out the links and creates an RSS feed for you to peruse at your leisure.

It’s an awesome web-based app to see the links posted by your friends on Twitter, whenever you get free time. SiftLinks checks your Twitter stream once in every 30 minutes and then grabs the links from it. But it only grabs last 50 links, so all links posted earlier than that will be away from its approach. After grabbing the links, it creates an RSS feed of the same, that you can access at anytime.

It’s completely free to use. You should give SiftLinks, a try now.


  • See links from your Twitter stream in RSS feed
  • View the links in RSS feed, whenever you get free time
  • Grabs the last 50 links from your Twitter timeline
  • Completely free to use

SiftLinks Says

SiftLinks is a service that monitors your friend stream on Twitter, pulls out the links and creates an RSS feed for you to peruse at your leisure.

Web Says

SiftLinks– Your Personalised Links From Twitter To Your Feed Reader



Dlvr.it – publish and track content on twitter, ideal for bloggers

Dlvr.it is a good tool for bloggers who want to track the effectiveness of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

All you need to do is specify your blog URL and link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Dlvr.it will then post any new feeds that appear. You can view stats for the clicks that came from twitter, facebook and linkedin. This way, you would know exactly which social media site is helping you more in increasing traffic to your blog.

The interface is clean and simple and setup takes hardly a minute. Dlvr.it uses twitter oAuth for authentication.


  • Deliver your blog feed through Dlvr.it
  • Track clicks across various social media sites
  • Ideal tool for publishers
  • Just provide blog URL or RSS feed

Dlvr.it Says

dlvr.it provides bloggers, publishers and brands a way to instantly syndicate content and expand their reach on the social web and into new channels.

Our tools make it easy to manage and measure the flow of your content everywhere your audience is. dlvr.it publishes your media, your blogs, all your content to your social channels, ensuring your audience sees it instantly.


  • Dlvr.it – Deliver your content to the social web


  • @dlvrit – One-click publishing to the social web. For Dlvr.it support, tweet @dlvrit_support

TweetMiner – helps you tweet better

TweetMiner is available as a web as well as desktop application.

You can add multiple twitter accounts. TweetMiner helps you browse through various feeds and tweet the best ones to your Twitter followers. You can schedule tweets for future dates.

All the basic twitter functions such as tweeting, @Replies, Direct Messages etc are supported. You get a couple of retweet options that help you retweet instantly as well as edit a tweet before retweeting it. You can flag items you browse under RSS feed thus helping you to keep track of interesting feeds.

TweetMiner also has a great rolling tweet feature. Instead of personally scheduling each and every tweet, you can tell TweetMiner when you want tweets to fire and how often and it takes the next tweet off the rolling tweet stack and sends it. Many tools schedule tweets, but this is the only tool that has a rolling schedule of tweets along with RSS feeds.

Apart from the free app, there are a couple of paid versions that let you do much more.


  • Browse RSS and tweet interesting links
  • Supports multiple twitter accounts
  • oAuth enabled
  • Schedule interesting tweets


TweetMiner Says

Bring the best content to your followers
Schedule todays tweets in 10 minutes
Be the SIGNAL not the NOISE


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FeedMyTwitter – automatically feed your twitter timeline!

FeedMyTwitter is a twitter auto posting application that helps you predefine what twitter updates you want to be fed into your timeline.

You can send automatic tweets based on categories such as movie quotes, funny messages etc. You can also specify RSS feeds the way you do with twitterfeed for updating your blog RSS feed on twitter.

If you happen to make a story or some other smart marketing for your product on twitter you can have custom messages updated randomly to your twitter timeline.

Once you login to the site, you can start or stop the service anytime. You get to specify the time interval after which random tweets need to be posted.


  • Automate your twitter account
  • Specify a list of tweets which would then be posted randomly
  • Choose from categories such as Business, Movies etc. to tweet automatically
  • Specify your blog RSS feed which would be fed to your twitter account
  • Start or Stop the service as and when you like


FeedMyTwitter Says

Send Auto Tweets according to Category of your interest. Select category like “Business and Money” or “Movie Quotes” or “Funny Messages”…

Add RSS Feeds to your account and we will feed your messages to twitter. This feature allows you to update twitter according to your blog or any other websites.

Are you trying to publish some Story or marketing any Product with twitter? This is the right option for you. Add your custom tweet messages to feedmytwitter, we do the posting randomly



  • @feedmy – Online marketing make easy with feed my twitter

RSSFriends – track followers and unfollowers easily through RSS!

RSSFriends is a twitter app that lets you track your twitter Follower and Unfollower count through RSS. This is a useful app for those who do not prefer email apps like Qwitter and Follows which send email notifications every time someone unfollows on twitter.

Not only that, you can also easily subscribe to any user’s Favourite feed as well as track changes to any twitter users friend list – all through RSS feeds!

Getting updates to new followers and unfollowers through RSS means that you can disable the email notifications that twitter sends you every time you get a new follower. These mails can be overwhelming at times when you have a lot of new followers each day.

Please note that it takes some time for a newly created feed to start displaying data. So do not panic if the feed URL doesn’t show any data as soon as you create it. Check back after some time.

P.S. You can view our follower/unfollower feed here.


  • RSS feed for tracking twitter Followers and UnFollowers
  • RSS feed for viewing a twitter users friend following and unfollowing
  • RSS feed for viewing a twitter users Favourited tweets
  • No password needed


RSSFriends Says

Track changes in friends list or follower and unfollower on Twitter with an RSS Feed


  • RSSFriends – Track twitter followers and unfollowers through RSS feeds


  • @rssfriends – Tracks your follower/unfollower via RSS. Send tweet to @zoernert for info
  • @zoernert – Pilot, IBMer, Metropolist, Initiator, Gadget Junkee, Paramedic, Traveller, VATSIM Controller, Kiva supporter, Podcast consumer

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