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RemindMeAbout – a twitter reminder bot

RemindMeAbout is a twitter reminder bot brought to you by @shobankr who has previously developed TweetMyPC.

This bot helps you set reminders. You just need to follow the bot and the bot will follow you back. Once the bot starts following you can send reminders as direct messages.

You may also try MoochFly and TwitterCal which offer something similar.


Bob’s birthday Tomorrow


Tom’s Birthday on 23/04/2009


  • Twitter reminder bot
  • Set reminders through direct messages
  • Get reminded at the right time through direct messages

RemindMeAbout Says

remind_me_about is a reminder service using Twitter. Follow , Wait for remind_me_about to follow you back, Send your “to do”as a Direct Message and forget about it. Remind_me_about will remind you on the day.



  • @remind_me_about – Twitter Reminder Bot.Folow me and send me a DM about your todo list and I will remind you. I am a stupid bot so check website for rules.
  • @shobankr – Microsoft MVP, Programming addict from Trivandrum, India

Moochfly – keep track of things you lend to friends

Mochfly helps you track what you lend to friends. Basically, it’s a reminder application but with a difference.

You send Direct Messages with things you need to be reminded about, things that you lend to friends. The bot would then send occasional reminders to you. You need to follow @moochfly for this to work.

You need to register at the site by granting Moochfly access to your twitter account. Once registered, you can view all the things that you need to be reminded. The reminders are split into two groups – “Loaned to friends” and “Loaned to me”. You get to specify when the first reminder should be sent.


  • Set reminders whenever you loan an item to friends
  • Send a direct message to set the reminder
  • Follow @moochfly and be reminded of the loaned items


Moochfly Says

Keep track of things you lend to friends.


  • Moochfly – Twitter reminder service to track stuff you lend to friends


  • @moochfly – Easily keep track of things you lend to friends!
  • @kiph – Web Developer. UX and Ruby on Rails lover. Huge fan of Rock Band, Lost, Kickball and Motorcycles.
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