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Twrivia – your daily dose of twitter trivia

Twrivia is a twitter trivia application that asks you random questions. Be among the first five to answer a question and you would be awarded multiple points. Correct answers sent after that would be awarded 1 point each. You have 12 hours to answer a question.

Be the top answerer and get featured on the Twrivia homepage. Top winners are also displayed on the leaderboard. The application seems to be quite famous on twitter with around 10000+ followers as on this writing!


  • Daily Twitter trivia quiz
  • Answer questions and win points
  • Be featured on the homepage and leaderboard
Twrivia - Daily trivia quiz on twitter

Twrivia - Daily trivia quiz on twitter

Twrivia Says

Twrivia is the biggest trivia quiz on Twitter, with over 11,000 followers. Players reply to @twrivia with their answers to the topical trivia questions. Points are awarded for all the correct answers received. Players are ranked in the Leaderboard based on the points they scored in the current month.


  • Twrivia – The daily trivia quiz on twitter


  • @twrivia – The daily trivia quiz on Twitter. Dispensing useful topical trivia. Prizes some days. Answers on the web site http://twrivia.com

OutWit.Me – play twitter games

OutWit.Me has lots of fun twitter games for you to have lighter moments on twitter.

There are quiz games, games based on guessing words in phrases etc. There is also a twitter cloud which displays keywords in a cloud format.

The site promises plenty more apps in the near future, so stay tuned!


  • Plenty of Twitter quiz, games and other fun stuff
  • Lighten your mood and sharpen your brains with these games


OutWit.Me Says

Outwit Me is your home for intelligent Twitter games.

We are here to engage your mind, to outwit you.
You are here to be challenged, entertained.
Each game is designed to be never-ending, stimulating.


  • OutWit.Me – Outwit other twitter users with these twitter games!
  • Blog


  • @outwitme – Tweet Quiz and Tweet Cloud. Engaging you with unique on-line trivia and word games played via tweets.
  • @Tweet_Quiz – Guess the hidden words using clues delivered by tweets. Never-ending games. Tweet back or play on-line.
  • @Tweet_Words – Never-ending tweeting words game. Guess the mystery word or phrase. Clues tweeted out every 5 minutes.

Whose Tweet? – an interesting twitter game about people you follow

WhoseTweet is a fun game built for twitter users. You are asked 20 questions about the tweets of various people you follow.

A downside to the game is that it requires you to enter your twitter password.


  • Answer 20 questions on your friends tweets
  • Downside is that you need to enter your twitter password


Whose Tweet Says

This is a fast-paced game for Twitter junkies. You will be shown 20 random Twitter messages, one at a time, and it will be up to you to click on the user that each one belongs to. When it’s over, you can compare your performance with your friends.


  • WhoseTweet – how well do you know your twitter friends?


  • @mappdev – CEO of Mappdev, a startup focused on fun, social games