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Pictuit – your photos on Twitter

Pictuit lets you share photos easily on Twitter. There are a lot of photo sharing sites but the reason I’m reviewing Pictuit here (apart from the fact that it’s a good and useful app) is that it has been developed by Argentinians and I rarely come across such devs.

Pictuit uses twitter oAuth for authentication. You just need to upload photos, write your comments and update the tweets.


  • Simple image sharing site for twitter
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication

Pictuit Says

Share your photos on Pictuit


  • Pictuit – Your photos on Twitter


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Mashups from linkstore – a directory of useful mashups

Mashups from linkstore is a directory which contains loads of tiny little mashups. What made me cover it here on Twi5? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that all these apps have been made by a single developer!

I knew Russians were good at programming but this proves they are not only good but fast and hardworking as well! Hats off to the developer of these mashups.


Photomap lets you view photos that were published near your area. All you need to do is select your location on a map and all pics uploaded from that area would be displayed to you. This is a really cool mashup and I liked it a lot.

Social Search

Social Search lets you view all the social info about a particular user that Google can search and provide.

Local Twitters

LocalTwitters lets you find twitter users near you. You just need to specify your location on a map and all twitter users near that area would be displayed to you.

Geo Search

GeoSearch will search for local information as well as tweets and pics from an area specified by you on a map.

Tweet Street View

Tweet Street View as the name suggests displays the street view of the tweets location that you want.


Dialogues is one of the most useful mashups that will help you track a conversation that happens between twitter users.


  • Mashup of twitter apps
  • View tweets on a street, geo located tweets, photo stream
  • View dialogues between twitter users
  • Search users on a map